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How to achieve quality control in alumina crucible production?

03 December 2021
Alumina crucibles are made of extremely high temperature resistant ceramic materials. Alumina crucibles are mainly used for melting, burning and refining solid and liquid substances.Therefore, it is particularly important to grasp the quality of alumina crucibles in production. So, how to carry out quality control in the production of alumina crucible? Johncera Group tells you the answer.


How to achieve quality control in alumina crucible production?

1. It is very important to have a complete quality control management system. Johncera Group uses high-purity, high-quality raw materials to produce alumina crucibles in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality control management system. Our high-purity alumina crucibles are made from 99.7% Japanese low-sodium alumina powder.

2. An important prerequisite for achieving high-quality control in the production of laboratory alumina crucibles is to fully master the knowledge of crucibles. In this regard, our senior team has a comprehensive knowledge of ceramics, chemistry and mineralogy. At the same time, through extensive international exchanges and cooperation, we are constantly strengthening our research and development capabilities to achieve world-class alumina crucible production technology and quality levels.

3. The production process of alumina crucible also affects the quality. Laboratory alumina crucibles from the Johncera Group are manufactured by the traditional slurry casting method, resulting in a uniform wall thickness alumina crucible. In addition, we strictly control the quality to ensure that there are no impurities that may contaminate the samples. In this way, our high-purity alumina crucibles can significantly improve the accuracy of chemical experiment results through good thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and uniform heating.

The above points are important factors to realize the quality control of alumina crucible production. Of course, the correct use of laboratory alumina crucibles and proper maintenance can prolong the service life of alumina crucibles. So, how to use the alumina crucible correctly to prolong its service life?

Correct use of laboratory alumina crucible

1. When the alumina crucible is heated, it needs to be placed on a tripod. Use crucible tongs when moving laboratory alumina crucibles.

2. The alumina crucible cannot be cooled suddenly after being heated, and it cannot be placed on a cold metal table immediately to avoid cracking of the crucible due to rapid cooling. Cool naturally on a tripod.

3. When using an alumina crucible to evaporate, it needs to be stirred, and when it is quickly evaporated to dryness, use the residual heat to evaporate to dryness. When you need to take out the metal solution, take it out with a spoon.

Experimental alumina crucibles with quality control functions help to improve the accuracy of chemical experiments. In addition, proper maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of alumina crucibles. In this regard, Johncera Group is a good choice. We have a comprehensive grasp of the relevant professional knowledge of alumina crucibles, strictly follow the quality control management system, and provide customers with the best quality products.

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