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Johncera Group
Headquartered in Macau, Johncera Group is an internationally recognized industry leader in the advanced ceramic sector. 

With over 30 years of providing specialized solutions in advanced ceramics, especially Alumina Ceramics and Zirconia Ceramics to professional clients, we have amassed a reputation for quality, stable delivery, and customer service.
We have attained and maintained a position as one of the biggest ceramic manufacturers all over the world through our constant investments in research and development, which helps us develop ingenious and innovative technological ceramic solutions.
Our sole aim is to cooperate with our esteemed clients to meet and exceed their expectations and help them solve their needs. 

Johncera is privileged to connect with many global industry leaders and 

become their trustful long-term partners in providing advanced ceramics products. 

With great interests and comprehensive understanding of advanced ceramics, 

chemistry and minerals, Johncera has independent ideas for product development 

and have registered many related patents.

Johncera's factory joined the China Special Ceramics Association and participated 

in setting the national standard for advanced ceramics in China.

Exploring the application of advanced ceramics is actually a long, repetitive, 

and tedious process, and many people have left for this reason. 

However, Johncera still insists on with great passion, because there are a lot 

of interesting and exciting applications waiting to be discovered. 

Therefore, Johncera strives to assist our valued customers in creating value-added 

business offerings with advanced ceramics.

Is it well designed? 

Is the product innovative? 

Is it well made? 

Does it make you happy? 

Will it be extra durable and over-serve its purpose for years to come? 

A big YES to all the questions above shines a light on all our products' premium value.


Our products exhibit significant presence in many industries not only because 

they are of high quality and pricing advantages but also for the enhancement of 

our customers’ business values. We listen to what our customers want and deliver 

outperforming products accordingly. 

The development and production of advanced ceramics is not easy. In fact, every subtle 

improvement requires our team to devote with great enthusiasm and firm belief. 

With more than 30 years of combined experience and skill-set, our collective dedication 

to our work is evident in all we do. Our talented researchers and technicians have spent 

a lot of time repeating experiments to explore the possibilities of advanced ceramics. 

Curious, smart, and multi-generational, we take great pride in working hard to satisfy 

our customers, adding value, and moving the company forward. We are not just a 

group of individuals; we are a family working towards a future goal 

- Growth.

We have excellent production capacity, possessing a complete production line, 

from powder processing, precision machining to product finalization. 

With an ultra-modern advanced ceramic manufacturing factory of over 100,000 sqm, 

over 20 high temperature automatic kilns, and a highly-skilled management and 

production team, we can mass-produce high performance and highly durable ceramic 

products with very high quality and extra fast delivery times.

Johncera Group
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