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Wear Resistant Ceramic Pipes


Raw Materials (Japanese Alumina)

> 99.7% Al2O3< 0.01% Fe2O


≥ 3.9 g/m3



Temperature Resistance

1400 - 1600 Celsius

Mohs Hardness


Bending Strength

60 kgf/mm2

Thermal Shock Resistance


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


Thermal Conductivity

37 W/(m・K)

Chemical Resistance


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What is Corundum?

Corundum, so-called ‘alumina’ and ‘Al2O3’, is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide. It also has two other names that are not widely known: Ruby and Sapphire. The name ‘corundum’ is derived from the word Kurundam, which is the Tamil-Dravidian word of ruby-sapphire. Due to its gem varieties, Corundum has super high hardness (9.0 on the Mohs scale, just next to diamond).

Johncera's Wear Resistant Ceramic Pipes For High Purity and High Abrasive Materials

Johncera is a professional advanced ceramic manufacturer, producing high purity alumina, zirconium toughened alumina, and zirconia. For conveying systems of high purity and high abrasive materials, advanced ceramics could construct a clean conveying environment, ensuring zero contact of conveying materials with metallic materials. Moreover, when conveying materials exhibit abrasive characteristics that will scour the system, advanced ceramics’ high hardness and wear resistance can avoid high purity conveying medium being polluted.

Johncera's Ceramic Pipe Design

Johncera has strong precision machining capabilities. Both inner and outer walls of pipes are processed by grinding machine, with an accuracy of 0.02μm. The ceramic pipe body and interface position is processed by plane grinding with surface roughness up to Ra0.2, achieving excellent sealing performance and zero leakage.  

After the ceramic pipe is connected, PTFE tapes are used to wound the pipes to form a second seal. The flange connection of the ceramic pipe adopts high class sealing ring to form a static pressure seal to ensure no leakage of flammable gases such as hydrogen and chlorosilane.

Ceramic pipes for polysilicon - the thickness of ceramic pipe wall is designed based on the working pressure, with at least 6mm at minimum pressure.

Johncera's Team

Our team is made of experienced craftsmen who possess a comprehensive understanding of ceramics, chemistry, and minerals. Our every product is a work of art designed to aid you and your company in your area of research and technological advancement.




Coal-fired power plants

Lithium battery 

Mineral processing


Chemical processing

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