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Development and Application Timetable of Special Ceramic Materials
07 April 2021


Research, development and application results.

In 1844

Bailamnn discovered Si3N4.

In 1891

Acheson discovered SiC.

In 1931

Use of alumina (Al2O3) ignition plug.

In 1959

American General Electric Company developed transparent alumina (Al2O3).

In 1960

Successful hot pressure sintering of AlN.

In 1961

It was discovered in UK that high density Si3N4 ceramics can be obtained from hot pressing after MgO is added to Si3N4 powder.

In 1971

Japan developed sintering process of AlN at atmospheric pressure.

In 1973

American General Electric Company successfully developed the sintering process of SiC at atmospheric pressure.

In 1975

Toughening and strengthening mechanism for partially stabilized zirconia ceramics discovered in Australia.

In 1985

Cars with ceramic turbochargers were marketed in Japan.

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