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Alumina Sintered Rods


Raw Materials (Japanese Alumina) > 99% Al2O3
Density  3.9 g/m3
Crystal α-alumina
Temperature Resistance 1400 - 1600 Celsius
Manufacturing Method Pressing
Thermal Shock Resistance Good
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Low
Thermal Conductivity Good
Chemical Resistance Good

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Sample request

Standard Product Specifications

SKU Number Diameter Length (mm)
CZW50207 Φ2.8 76
CZW50306 Φ3 63
CZY70307 Φ3.2 71.5
CZZR0308 Φ3.6 80
CZW50303 Φ3.7 9
CZW50408 Φ4 89
CZW50409 Φ4.16 90
CZW50411 Φ4.5 110
CZW50413 Φ4.6 138
CZW50410 Φ4.8 108
CZW50411 Φ4.8 116
CZW50511 Φ5 117
CZY70512 Φ5.4 128
CZW50612 Φ6 125
CZW50806 Φ8 60
CZY71016 Φ10 165

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High-strength ceramic products-ceramic sintering rods, have been widely adopted by the household ceramic industry for skewered spoons. Compared with the metal wire products currently used by most manufacturers, its high temperature resistance (up to 1500°C), wear resistance, and smooth and uniform appearance are favored by the industry; especially its pollution-free, no need for frequent replacement, more attention, and truly reflect The benefits brought by high-tech materials.

Sintered ceramic presentation

Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) is the most important technical sintered oxide ceramic material and has the widest range of applications. Densely sintered aluminium oxide is characterised by :

● High strength and hardness

Temperature stability

 High wear resistance and corrosion resistance even at high temperatures


Johncera offers a wide variety of tubes and rods manufactured from high-performance technical ceramic materials, including alumina, zirconia, and silicon carbide. Enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to your application. Johncera materials professionals will help you choose the best material for your application.

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