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About Johncera

Creating Advanced Ceramics Solutions since the '90s

Headquartered in Macau, Johncera Group is an internationally recognized industry leader in the advanced ceramic sector. 

With over 30 years of providing specialized solutions in advanced ceramics, especially Alumina Ceramics and Zirconia Ceramics to professional clients, we have amassed a reputation for quality, stable delivery, and customer service.


We have attained and maintained a position as one of the biggest ceramic manufacturers all over the world through our constant investments in research and development, which helps us develop ingenious and innovative technological ceramic solutions.


Our sole aim is to cooperate with our esteemed clients to meet and exceed their expectations and help them solve their needs. 

Ceramic Materials We Specialize In

The use of advanced technical ceramics can make products more efficient, lighter, reduce operating costs, long-lasting, and reduce maintenance intervals.

Advanced ceramics are increasingly being used to replace refractory materials, polymers, and metals in a wide variety of products due to their hardness, high temperature, and electrical properties. 

Johncera Group offers various advanced ceramic materials, thereby ensuring we always have the right product you require. Some of the advanced ceramic material we deal with include but are not limited to:

·      Alumina Ceramics

·      Zirconia Ceramics

For more information on our ceramic materials, please send us a mail at [email protected]; we are always at your service.

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